Environmental policy

Our company AGRADO S.A. aware of the growing number of aspirations of our society on the behavior of the industry in relation to the environment and aware of the ecological implications of their activities, accepts its responsibility and is committed to continuously improve their environmental performance. Our intention is to be recognized by our customers, employees, community and any other interested entity, as a responsible company, committed to continuous improvement in environmental monitoring and the prevention of pollution in all its activities.

And in particular we will::

  • Promote energy efficiency and recycling through a good product design. Establish, and periodically revise, our goals and objectives.
  • Integrate environmental considerations into the company's corporate strategy, using environmental criteria in manufacturing processes and decision making.
  • Provide a high level of quality service in order to maintain the efficiency of our products in use.
  • Comply with environmental legislation and regulations applicable to our industry.
  • Promote pollution prevention by reducing, where possible, emissions and waste generated by all of our manufacturing operations.
  • Promote improved environmental performance of our suppliers.
  • Promote to our employees a sense of responsibility for the environment.
  • Cease any activity, when this represents a cost or unacceptable risk to health, safety or the environment.

Apply principles and practices of environmental management to carry out these commitments and achieve environmental objectives and accessible to public. Establish these goals annually and, as far as possible, will be quantitative, and we will check our progress to reach them. To fulfill these objectives, Senior Management shall establish the necessary measures to ensure that its Environmental Management System:

  • It spread to all areas of the company.
  • It is understood by all persons belonging to the company.
  • It Is correctly applied in each and every one of the points mentioned.
  • It is continuously reviewed and updated in all aspects.

The General Manager also wants a commitment to provide all necessary human and material resources for the successful completion of the environmental policy of the company in accordance with the actual economic possibilities thereof. The Environmental Manager has the power to stop any process that violates the assumptions of the Environmental Management System.

The General Manager declared mandatory the requirements contained in the documentation which is the Environmental Management System.

Miguel Redondo, General Manager