Our facilities

Central Plant Valdemoro (Madrid)

Our current facilities, located in one of the best industrial parks of the south of Madrid, have a total area of 6,700 m2, where stands our plant of 4,800 m2. Highlights from our competitors in the design of such facilities, in the structure, in the current regulations, security and improving of all our production systems. Each and every one of the departments of our facilities has been designed according to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, on the basis of the different external audits realized to our company. Product handling areas controlled ISO-8, duly separate warehouses, quarantine zones and other departments, turn our factory into one of the most modern facilities of the domestic and international market

Controlled Areas Classified ISO-8

Our current facilities have got qualified areas controlled and certified ISO-8 Class D, in all areas where vials and ampoules are handled, by validating company Qualipharma. These areas allow us to ensure our final products during the process of handling once they left their tempering process. The air in these areas is properly filtered through equipments and filters HEPA which maintain an optimal level of airborne particles and air recirculation according to current regulations.

Production Machines AMBEG RP-30

All our glass vials are manufactured in production machines AMBEG GmbH RP-30 with an annual capacity of over 120 million units

Production Machines Moderne Mecanique MM30

The glass ampoules are based on French machinery Moderne Mecanique MM-30 in the same manner as in vials, number one manufacturer worldwide since the 40s. Our current capacity is 75 million ampoules per year and we include all market formats, from the opened ampoules to the closed ampoules ISO, and all intermediate approved formats for the pharmaceutical industry. All our production machines are constantly updated through our R & D department and through new equipment improved by the same manufacturer