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Leading manufacturer of glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry
More than forty years at leading
Quality assurement based on vision systems
7000 m2 of specialized facilities

Vision systems

Vials 100% controlled

All our vials in range 1 are controlled 100% under supervision of artificial vision systems (SVA) designed and validated by our department of development and engineering who, together with an external company, has been able to adapt functionality and versatility of all formats. All dimensions and measures as well as attributes defects such as particles, scratches, foreign bodies, etc. are verified according to the permitted tolerance and rejected in case of noncompliance.

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Leading manufacturer of glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry

MANUFACTURER OF GLASS VIALS AND GLASS AMPOULES. Our company has a solid experience in the field of manufacturing AMPOULES and VIALS for the pharmaceutical sector. That is why we have achieved to stand out among our competitors turning into one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry as much into Spain as internationally. Our philosophy, based on total reinvestment of all our benefits for more than 40 years of experience and makes us one of the glass manufacturers of reference for the sector of packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry, is complemented with optimal facilities, machinery and constant application of R & D to all our production processes and quality.